3 Ways Business Catering Can Help You Have a Stress-Free New Year

Here’s an undeniable fact: stress at work is unavoidable.

No matter what you do, or how much you love your job, there will always be busy seasons, slow seasons, difficult customers, early mornings, and late nights stretching your patience and disrupting your routine.

When pressure at the office mounts to its boiling point, it’s important that managers, do all they can to help their employees sharp, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed to power through these rough patches… And what better to boost moods and bring people together than with food?

Here are 3 great examples of how catering a meal for can keep your team engaged, focused, and happy during any stressful season!

1. Shows Appreciation & Boosts Morale

FACT: feeling unappreciated at work leads to burnout in 50% of employees.

And that’s not all… Employee burnout also causes tension in the office, leading to decreased cooperation between coworkers, and ultimately, negative experiences for your customers and clients.

In a nutshell? Failing to praise your employees is bad for office morale, bad for your customers and clients, and bad for your bottom line.

But is there any better way to help your team feel appreciated and deepen their bond than treating them to a delicious meal?

Treat your team to a hot breakfast or brunch in the morning to help them look forward to the day. Surprise them with an appreciation lunch during busy season to keep their spirits high. Or celebrate meeting goals or quotas with a delicious dinner.

Appreciate your employees, and they’ll appreciate you!

2. Improved Productivity

If you’re a busy professional, you get stressed. When you get stressed, you skip meals. And when you skip meals, it makes you tired and foggy-headed. When you get tired and foggy-headed, you make mistakes at work. And when you make mistakes at work, you end up unemployed, selling candles on eBay. Don’t let your team members end up unemployed, selling candles on eBay.

Feed your employees delicious, healthy catered meals, and keep them focused, energized, and clear-headed all day long!

3. Saving Time

A lunch break is supposed to be a break right? Right.

Unfortunately, most people spend their precious break time walking or driving to a restaurant, waiting in long lines of impatient people for food that probably won’t be fresh (and may not even taste that good), and scarfing down their mediocre meal before rushing back to work before their break runs over.

Does that sound like a break, or more work?

When you give your team a meal, you’re giving your team time. Time to decompress and detach from all of the stress of the workday, and return to work refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s tasks.

Are you ready to transform the way your office eats? Be the office hero and visit CaterMeThis.com to look up restaurants that offer delicious catered office meals in your area!

Your employees will thank you.