Cash Back Loyalty Program

CaterMeThis Cash Back Loyalty Program

Earn Cash Back on every dollar spent on food through the CaterMeThis Loyalty Cash Back Program. Place your orders on and you will see your Loyalty Cash increase upon every purchase placed.


Earn Cash Back With Every Order of Food

You earn at least 1% cash back on every purchase made, but pay attention to promotions as CaterMeThis will have certain periods with the chance to get higher cash back percentages on orders placed.  

Caterers pay us for bringing them customers and we give you a percentage of that payment. Caterers pay CaterMeThis for sending them customers, and CaterMeThis shares the commission with you as cash back.


Order Catering for Your Office Through!  

Earn cash back on all orders placed through We keep track of all your purchases so your Loyalty Cash will be updated upon approval of every order.

Apply your cash back towards future orders or apply them to a gift card upon checkout. Once loyalty cash is redeemed then we will send the gift card to your doorstep.


Join CaterMeThis for Free and Receive a $10 Bonus Applied to Your Account Today!

How to Get More Cash Back:

Review a Caterer

Refer a Friend

Pay attention to offers sent as there will be weekly promotions of double or triple the cash earned for every order placed!


How to Redeem Cash Back

Redeem Cash Back in the form of gift cards upon check out. Just add them to your cart and we will mail them to you right away!

Or redeem points by putting them towards future orders as discounts on food. You must have at least $20 in your account to be able to redeem cash back.