Catering Near Me: Finding Top Caterers in Your Area

Advantages of Ordering Catering Near Me

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. We say distance makes the food get colder. Distance is a huge factor when it comes to corporate catering. You want to ensure that the food you ordered gets delivered to you fresh and on-time. The greater the distance between you and the caterer, the greater potential there is for delivery issues. Traffic, accidents, construction, inclement weather, and so on are not just possibilities, but probabilities. Especially for those working in bustling metropolitan areas. As a catering customer, I want to mitigate those risks by searching for catering near me. I know if the caterer is close by, there is less potential risk for delivery issues. Not to mention lower delivery fees, of course!

But is distance really that important when it comes to finding catering near me? We think so. Here are more reasons why.

catering near me
Don't let your breakfast order get stuck in the morning commute!

1. The catering company can retrieve missing items quickly

The catering world can be hectic, and no one is perfect. The logistical dance of delivering multiple orders to multiple locations across town is not an easy task. Sometimes parts of your order may be missing by the time it arrives. If you order from a corporate caterer close by, they are able to go back to the restaurant and get whatever is missing in a timely manner. If they are across town, however, there is little chance for the driver to return with missing items in time, especially if you ordered for a short lunch meeting. The meeting may be over by the time they are able to return!

2. The corporate caterer can make last minute add-ons to your order

Let's say you just ordered some entrees for a company meeting and informed all your attendees to bring their own beverages. Well, your manager walks into the meeting accompanied by a handful of important clients that weren't expected to attend, and they didn't bring anything to drink! Luckily, the caterer you ordered from is just a couple blocks away, so you can add drinks to your order and they can get it to you then and there. The ability to make last minute add-ons on the day of your corporate event or meeting is a huge boon.

3. Shorter delivery distance means lower delivery fees

Delivery fee schedules depend on the caterer. Some charge a flat rate covering a certain distance, while others charge a fee based on mileage. Many will use some combination of both. Anyway they set their delivery fee, you know you are getting a cheaper delivery if the catering company is nearby. For those operating with a budget, that means more financial breathing room to add more food! Maybe ordering from a nearby caterer means you can add desserts or sides to your order!

How Can I Find the Best Catering Near Me?

When it comes to finding quality local catering options in your area, you need to know what is available. You may have a few go-to names in mind you could list off the top of your head, but you would be surprised at how many top quality caterers there are that you don't know about. Luckily, we've created the easiest way you can discover new catering options and local restaurants in your area that you didn't even know we're there!

On top of filters for cuisine and price, we provide you the option to filter for delivery distance. This gives you more information, and thus control, when it comes to ordering business catering. When you've made your search and can browse through the filtered results, you can see at a glance how far away the caterer's nearest location is, alongside ratings, price, and tags.

You may discover many catering options you never heard of, which is awesome! The great part about using CaterMeThis is that you know the caterer already went through a vetting process just to be on the site. You can have piece of mind knowing that you can be adventurous, without taking risk. Even if you're ordering from a new catering company you have not used before, you know it is quality because they were handpicked by us.

There's no better or easier way to order catering than through CaterMeThis. Now is the time to start making genuine changes to how you normally shop for catering online. You'll wonder why you didn't start sooner. We guarantee it!

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