Catering for an Office Meeting and Nobody Knows What They Want

Office Meetings During Lunch

Anyone running a workplace will know the challenge of ordering for lunch time office meetings. You often spend more time trying to find a good choice for everyone to be happy with, eating (pun intended) into valuable time to be productive at work. One solution might just stop that problem from arising, though…

Office managers know just how difficult it can be to order catering for a lunch-time office meeting. Especially if you work with picky eaters. Someone wants pasta. Someone just recently became a vegan. Someone is doing low carb. The rest? They don't know what they want. One thing is for sure, though: if you ordered the food, you get the complaints! We don't think that's very fair!

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This is what usually does NOT happen when deciding on catering for the next office meeting

A List Makes Ordering Lunch for Your Office Meeting a Snap

Ordering catering from is the same as shopping for anything else online. You want to see your options. You want to compare prices. You want to read reviews. Then you can make your decision and place your order.

CaterMeThis was built for comparing catering options for your next catered office meeting. Simply input your office address and up pops a list of the best caterers in your area. We vet each caterer on our site to ensure the highest quality in food, service, and timeliness, so you always know you're getting the best.

That someone is hankering for some pasta? We've got it. Strict vegan? We've got it. Paleo options? You betcha. You can find the right catering options to satisfy the diverse tastes of your time. All in a simple and straightforward way. And of course, all your invoices are stored in one central location: your CaterMeThis account.

With CaterMeThis you can shop around for office catering and pick the food that you AND your coworkers want, just as you would when ordering  personal items from Amazon. Everybody's happy. Looks like you can have your cake and eat it too, after all. Mmm, cake. We know what we're getting for our next staff meeting.

We're Here for You

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