Christmas Catering: The Reason for the Season?

Christmas Catering is the Key

Okay okay, we know Christmas catering is not the reason for the season, but it's a pretty darn good byproduct. And if you're the one responsible for throwing this year's company Christmas party, you've got a weight of responsibility on your shoulders. 

When it's all said and done, though, you'll know it was worth the effort. It's hard to beat a great Christmas office party with catered food on the company dime. Especially if there's a drink (or two... or three) involved. So take full advantage of the Christmas party budget this year by buying the best in Christmas catering. Provided by, of course.

Your company's Christmas party is NOT the time for boxed lunches. It's the time for delicious hot food, beautifully presented and oozing with class. It's a time for hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and chef-inspired main courses. And let's not forget to top it all off with indulgent desserts that are to die for. Trust us, we know how to party.

Hors d'oeuvres

A great way to start off your Christmas event is with tasty finger foods paired with a drink. A charcuterie board goes amazingly with wine or beer to accentuate flavor and texture. Charcuterie boards usually come with a mixture of cured meats, soft cheeses, fruit, bread, and dip. With such a variety of sweet and savory, a charcuterie board has something for everyone. A classic cheese platter with crackers is also a solid choice. A nice mix of sharp cheddar, aged gouda, and creamy brie with crackers will satisfy any palette.

Christmas Catering
Hard to say no to a spread like this, eh?

Main Course

When it comes to food, the main course is, well, the main event. This is where the Christmas catering you ordered will really shine. If you have the budget for it, you can go straight to the top shelf with a classic steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus dish. A buttery lobster tail is also hard to resist for anyone that loves food. Which, we're pretty sure, is everyone. A cheaper alternative can be a simple holiday ham with some seasonal sides: sweet potatoes, green beans, gravy, and warm bread rolls.


The dessert doesn't have to be complicated. Dazzling guests with Christmas spirit is simple with home made Christmas themed cookies. Christmas cookies combined with hot chocolate and coffee can re-energize the party and get your guests ready for some dancing (gotta burn off some of those calories, right?).

Christmas Catering
The sweetest way to be festive!


There are a few add-ons we'd recommend to really class up your Christmas catering. If you are serving hors d'oeauvres at your event, hire some waitstaff from the caterer to walk around and serve guests. You are also going to need chauffing dishes to keep the food hot if you are doing a buffet style set up. Hire a server or two, depending on your party size, to serve guests as they build their plate of tasty goodness.

Of course, all the beautiful food that you ordered must be presented properly. Ensure that the caterer you order from is providing linen and decorations for the serving table(s). They may or may not be included in the set up fee, depending on the food provider.

Wrap Up

Whether you are having a fancy shmancy Christmas event, or a humble holiday party, has a caterer that fits your needs.

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