Finding Healthy Catering Options for Your Health-Conscious Office

Trying to find healthy catering options for your team can be tough work. With our help, you can enjoy a much easier experience in finding great quality catering that keeps the calorie count down all the while offering a variety of options.

Healthy Catering at a Bargain

As more and more people become conscious of their diet and how it relates to their health, the demand for healthy catering options at offices continues to grow. Even corporate upper management see the benefits of healthier employees: better performing and happier employees, less sick time off, less money spent on health care, lower premiums, etc. That's why many companies are rolling out initiatives to improve the health of their employees. However, encouraging more exercise and a healthier diet is one thing, but making sure that it actually sticks is much tougher: this is why investing in healthy catering in the workplace is a no-brainer.

Have you tried to find healthy options to bring to the workplace before, though? You might find it a challenge. Healthy catering often comes second to fast, cost-effective catering. However, in the world of eating (and everything else, really), you get what you pay for. Quality, healthy catering can provide a much more positive impact on workplace performance than you might expect. The benefits are well worth any perceived short-term cost.

An increase in health-consciousness has also increased demand for variety. From those taking on the paleo diet to those who have gluten or dairy intolerances, you need to find the right balance to be as inclusive as possible. This is why we made CaterMeThis easy to filter for the right food to satisfy any diet.

Health Food Platter Image
We could all add a bit more color to our plates

Healthy Catering, Happy Office

We offer a range of catering options that are reliable, but also diverse. Staff naturally love to have choice, and we continually expand our menu offerings to ensure that there is a wide range of high standard catering available in your area, day-in and day-out. We help you make a positive impact on your team by diversifying our catering options to include healthier and lower-calorie choices.

By encouraging a more health-driven way of eating, you can make staff see long-term gains in their day-to-day life. That is very important, and will go some way to ensuring that you can see long-term improvements such as:

  • Greater workplace performance due to higher quality of life.
  • Less problems with illness and injury thanks to better body care.
  • Higher workplace morale as staff members’ bodies are being better cared for.
  • Improvements to productivity and efficiency.
  • Less complaining from your coworkers (some might argue this is the greatest benefit).

Healthy bodies create happy people, and happy people create a great workplace atmosphere. Health is all about minimizing stress as well. At CaterMeThis, we offer a stress-free solution to healthy catering. Order from us today for your next catered event and we'll make sure to satisfy everyone on your team. From the vegans to the pescatarians, and the gluten-frees to the dairy-frees!

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