Finding the Perfect Catering Company That Fits Your Catering Needs

We Make It Easy to Browse Local Catering Companies

As the go-to person responsible for ordering food, you are all too familiar with the burdens associated with finding the right catering company for your corporate event or meeting. You are the one with the responsibility of feeding your fellow compatriots, who encompass a wide range of different tastes and food preferences. They look to you if the food is late. They look to you if the food is cold. They look to you if there is no vegetarian option.

It can be a daunting and frustrating position to be in, we know. You need to find a catering company that:

  • Provides quality food that your coworkers will love
  • Has a variety of options to satisfy a variety of pallets and diets
  • Is organized enough not to mess up your order
  • Is reliable and delivers on time (and by on time, we mean early)
  • Is priced within your budget

Historically, one would have to go out to the wide, scary world that is the internet to find that perfect catering company. You would have to search for online corporate caterers in your area, read through their websites and menus, and scour the reviews to ensure quality. 

More often than not, most of those reviews pertain to the restaurant’s sit-down service experience and are not relevant to their corporate catering. The caterer you are looking at could have amazing reviews, with many customers praising the food quality, taste, and service. But how good are they at corporate catering? They could be entirely new to the catering scene, which takes some logistical experience to pull off well. They might take more orders than they can even deliver if they do not have enough drivers. Their supply chain beginning with the order and ending with the delivery may not be efficient or organized. You don’t want to be the guinea pig for a restaurant testing the waters of corporate catering.

After all that research, if the caterer isn’t to your satisfaction, you have the start the entire process over again with another catering company. Not a great use of your valuable time.

So, what’s a quicker and more reliable way to find this perfect catering company? Using, of course! We're you really expecting anything else??

Use CaterMeThis to Find the Perfect Catering Company

The whole reason we even created CaterMeThis was to make it as easy as possible for people like you to find the catering company that fits your needs in the simplest and most straightforward way possible. The process starts with the very simple act of inputting the address for your catered event.

CaterMeThis Search Bar

Once you’ve put in your address, you will see a list of corporate catering companies that cater to your area. But here’s where the real fun comes in: we’re going to narrow down our hunt using filters!

These handy dandy buttons can turn your intimidating catering company hunt into a pleasant stroll on a sunset beach. At the top of the search page, you can select for the type of food you would like for your catered event. Need something ethnic food for an international luncheon? Filter for Ethopian. Looking for something fancy for a black tie event? Filter for French or Italian. Want a simple but tasty crowd pleaser? Filter for Mexican.

CaterMeThis Cuisine Filters

After you’ve narrowed down your choices based on food type, let’s take a look at the filters on the left. As you see, you can filter based on price, distance, and catering company rating.

CaterMeThis Sidebar Filters

Once you’ve tailored the filters to your satisfaction, you will see a filtered list of restaurants in your area matching your personal criteria. From this list, you can see a snapshot of each catering company’s profile, which includes information such as: average rating, price range, distance, order minimum, delivery fee, and percentage of on-time deliveries. Choices, choices, choices!

CaterMeThis Search Results

When you click on one of these restaurants, you will be taken to their full catering menu. In this view, you can use additional filters to quickly find the food options you are looking for (vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc). Pretty handy, eh?

CaterMeThis Menu Filters

From here, all it takes is a few clicks to put your whole order together. You can click on each individual menu item, a pop up will show you all the options you have for customizing your order. Swap out chicken for shrimp as your protein. Switch from flour to corn tortillas to go gluten-free. If you have any requests that lie outside the menu options, you can drop them in the Special Instructions box. All this goes into your order and will be communicated to the catering company.

CaterMeThis Menu Item

After you’ve finished putting your order together, you can see a snapshot of your whole order in the cart fly out menu, which you can access by clicking the cart button at the top right of your screen.

CaterMeThis Cart

When you’ve reviewed your order and satisfied with your work, simply click "Proceed to Checkout" and initiate the checkout process.

If you are a returning user, then welcome back! You’re awesome! Otherwise, you will have to create an account with us. Don’t worry, the process is quick and easy, and the benefits are worth it. With a CaterMeThis account, you can track all your orders, previous and current. Need a copy of your invoice from a previous order? No problem. Want to check on the status on your order? We got you covered. Having an account with us will make future orders even easier.

CaterMeThis Checkout Login

Once you got your account made, the last step is to input your credit card information for payment. Pretty standard step here, nothing you haven’t seen before. Click on "Continue to Review" when you are done. You will be taken to an order summery page for the final review of your order before submitting it to the catering company.

CaterMeThis Checkout Shipping Info
CaterMeThis Checkout Payment Info

Viola! You’ve just used CaterMeThis to find the perfect catering company for your needs. Why can’t everything be this easy?

The caterer you ordered from will get a notification of your order. They will have to approve your order to confirm, so you may have to play the waiting game for a bit. Once the caterer approves the order, then great! Your contact information will be sent to them in case the deliverers need assistance – such as getting through the security of your building – on the date of delivery.

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