Food Delivery Redesigned: The Future of Online Catering

The Future is Online Catering is Now

The future is now!

Though you’ve probably been hearing that for the passed few years, it has become more and more true as time goes on. Machine learning robots, self-driving cars, and soon-to-be commercial trips to Mars are turning science fiction into science non-fiction. Who knew that The Jetsons could be a real, potential future for the human race?

With the advent of the what Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee call The Second Machine Age, many particulars of every day life will be transformed and redesigned by technology. One of those every day particulars is the simple – and now even simpler – way of which we order food delivery. Sure, that’s not as sexy as artificial intelligence or cybernetics, but it will arguably have a greater impact on your everyday life. Especially considering the fact that the global online takeout and food delivery market was estimated to be worth $95 billion in 2015. And make no mistake, that number continues to rise.

Robot Vacuum on Floor
We already have personal robot maids that vacuum our floors. What's next?

Food Delivery Redesigned

So how exactly has the process of ordering food delivery online changed with the advancement of technology? Well, we aren’t quite at the point of 3D printing the food you crave directly from your thoughts, but we are at the point of being able to shop for food, placing your order, and receiving it in 30 minutes or less. All without ever having to interact with a human being. Thanks, internet!

However, there is still huge room for improvement. Thankfully, is making great strides in taking the online food delivery process to the next level. One way in which we do this is by aggregating a wide selection of menus from restaurants that deliver and cater food to one, central location. Why go hunting through the dregs of the internet when we provide you a free one-stop-shop for online food delivery and catering services with zero upcharge? It’s a no-brainer, don’t you agree?

To assist you in your quest for food, we arm you with filters that allow you to narrow down your search so you can find what you’re looking for. Filter by cuisine, price, delivery distance, and average restaurant rating. Finding the right restaurant for your food delivery needs is as easy as that.

Now all that’s left to do is peruse their full catering menu and put together your order, input your billing information, and place your order. And there you have it, your work is done. No need for dozens of Google searches with dozens of tabs open to find the food delivery service for your needs.

The Future of Food Delivery

We live in very interesting times and it’s going to be exciting to see what comes next. Will flying drones be the ones transporting our food and goods around? Will we have robot servers at our catered events? Will we even need to get food from outside, or will we be able to 3D print our food in the comfort of our homes.

Flying Drone with Camera
This little guy could be your next food delivery person... er, machine.

Who knows. What we do know, though, is what’s in store for the future of CaterMeThis. The service we provide today is just the start. We are just giddy with excitement for what we have planned. Unfortunately, it's a surprise. You'll have to be virtuously patient for now. If you use CaterMeThis regularly, though, you won't even have to be patient. You'll be the first to see all the cool new stuff as you continually use our service.

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