Thanksgiving Catering: Office Holiday Parties are Now on Easy Mode

Thanksgiving Catering for your Thanksgiving Party

The holiday season is the best time of year: a time for cold weather, hot pumpkin spice lattes, vacations, new beginnings, good company, good food, and planning office holiday parties!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you have no doubt been thinking about the Thanksgiving catering for your office party. You're definitely going to need turkey. Maybe a whole one if you're feeling traditional. Of course, you can't forget the stuffing, the holiday ham, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie, the candied yams... oh boy. Are you getting hungry yet?

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We're SO ready for pumpkin pie season!!

CaterMeThis is Thanksgiving Catering on Easy Mode

Whatever you need for your office Thanksgiving party, you need to ensure the caterer knows what they're doing. Food quality, delivery, set up and presentation are all very important when it comes to Thanksgiving catering for your office party. The good news is that CaterMeThis handpicks the top caterers in your city, so you know you are ordering from the best of the best. Any caterers that have consistent issues delivering a high quality customer experience are subject to removal. Simple as that!

All you have to do to find Thanksgiving catering is browse and choose the right catering team for your Thanksgiving event. After you place your order, we stay on top of it and take care of the rest, ensuring a smooth delivery and set up without hiccups. You don't like hiccups, and neither do we.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the food has to be done right. The rest will fall into place. That's why we make it as easy as possible to get the right food. We know that when that is taken care of and people are happy, your Thanksgiving office party will be more lively, engaging, and memorable. All you need to do is make space for some of that turkey and stuffing!

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Why not try the Thanksgiving Favorite from The French Corner for your holiday luncheon? With hand-rubbed herbed succulent roasted turkey, spiral cut honey-baked ham, grandma's secret recipe stuffing, and much more... there's a lot to love – and eat – in this package.

Or you could try the Holiday Package offered by Voss Kitchen. Not only does it come with delicious turkey and ham, but also includes honey pecan whipped sweet potatoes. That's what we like call good eatin'!

Of course, if you're not sure what Thanksgiving catering is right for your event, we work with our catering partners directly to meet your catering needs and give you the best deal possible. We will make sure you are able to order enough food and stay within your budget, and we'll make sure the delivery goes smoothly the day of your event. Once you place the order, it becomes our responsibility, and you can rest easy knowing that we got your back. Why not let us do the work for you? Simply call us at 713-842-7257 or email us at to request a quote, or for any other assistance.

Our caterers are seasoned pros at Thanksgiving fare – as well as the other big holiday seasons – so you can rely on to carve up the perfect catering experience for your holiday event. After all, it’s much easier for everyone in your office to have a good time when they have a full, happy stomach. Don't let hangry be an impedance on your holiday fun this year