Vegetarian Catering: Be Inclusive for Your Office's Diet Preferences

Vegging Out the Right Way

In the modern office environment, it’s important to accommodate your staff’s dietary needs. Besides dietary restrictions due to religious reasons, vegetarian and vegan diets have had explosive growth in popularity in recent years. More and more people are becoming conscious of how nutrition and diet affects their health. This is a good thing, of course, but it does add some responsibility to the shoulders of the office admin. Heavy is the head that orders everyone's lunch! Always including at least some vegetarian catering options when ordering for your team can ease that burden.

Including vegetarian catering options make sense from both a perspective of inclusion and a perspective of health. Having some vegetarian lunch options to choose from may intrigue a staunch meat-eater on a particularly adventurous day. Maybe they realize it doesn't taste as bad as they thought. Maybe they'll notice they don't get the usual post lunch fatigue they are used to. Or, contrary to popular belief, maybe they'll discover there is actually a ton of variety when it comes to tasty veggie options!

Vegetarian Catering_1
At first glance, you wouldn't even think this is a vegetarian dish!

Why Vegetarian Catering Matters

Either way, bringing in some vegetarian catering options is a must for this day and age. But why not briefly cover some of its specific advantages, shall we?

  • Inclusion. As we've been saying, many have dietary restrictions due to religious, cultural, or health reasons. It's a real let down when you attend a breakfast or lunch catered meeting, only to find there is nothing you can eat. Adding some vegetarian catering options can go a long way in making the diet restricted folks feel more included.

  • For your health. “You are what you eat” isn't just a colloquial saying, it is a truth. And let's be honest: most of us don't consume an adequate amount of vegetables beyond a classic salad here and there (covered in cheese and ranch, of course). Just having the vegetarian options can encourage your co-workers to try something healthier.

  • Opening people’s eyes. While nobody can really tell you what you should or should not eat, leading by example can really impact those around you. People in your work might not eat much by way of vegetables and the like, but seeing their colleagues doing so might peak their interest. Someone has to be the champion for health in your office. Easier said than done, we know!

  • Expanding palettes. Simply introducing vegetarian options can do a lot for expanding palettes. Our expert restaurant chefs know how to make a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes that you didn't even know existed. The picky ones on your team will be much more receptive in the future when they try some vegetarian catering that they actually like. They'll see vegetarian food is not as limited as they may have thought.

When placing your next order through, include vegetarian catering options for the vegetarians in your work life. Of course, it helps to know all of the dietary needs of your team so you can include something for everyone. This is where our concierge and consulting service can really provide you value by making suggestions and preparing quotes! If you have a catered event coming up that you need help preparing for, or just have general questions, we'd be happy to help: call us today at 713-842-7257 or email us at