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Houston is our home. As a homegrown business local to Houston, we know our city and we know its food. Houston's diversity of culture has created a powerhouse mix of variety, quality, and deliciousness in cuisine. Fusion is the name of the game, and in a unique city like Houston, new cuisine creations are concocted on the regular. All of it passionately prepared and presented for your tasting pleasure by the best caterers in Houston.

Authentic Tex-Mex, Italian, Vietnamese, Sushi, BBQ, kolaches... you name it, Houston's got it. With such a huge variety of quality food, it's difficult not to break the bank with daily breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner outings! There's just so much to taste!

We're also proud that, despite the size of this massive metropolitan, Houston still boasts a southern charm. Not to mention, Houstonian resilience is unmatched. We persevere through floods, hurricanes, and what else Mother Nature throws at us. Because we're Houston strong.

We love that Houston is such a diverse and industrious place, hosting a huge variety of businesses that operate and contribute to the Houston economy. Someone has to order food to feed all those hungry employees that keep Houston running, and that's where we come in!

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We Offer Only the Best Catering in Houston

We know catering, and we know the struggles of finding the right catering company in Houston that can supply the cuisine options you need (don't neglect your vegetarians!), for the amount of people attending, on the date and time of your event, while still being in or under budget. Not an easy task in a huge city where there are hundreds and hundreds of catering options!

Every Houston caterer you find on CaterMeThis is personally vetted to ensure they are experienced, not just in making delicious food, but delivering it to you on-time, fresh, and beautifully presented.

When browsing Houston catering on CaterMeThis, we give you the peace of mind of knowing who you are ordering from. We show you how often the caterer is late with deliveries, as well as reviews from actual previous customers. These reviews are specific to catering too, not just the food or sit down service, so they are always relevant to you when shopping for Houston catering. 

Because we facilitate the orders, we know how each of our catering partners operate. And because we bring them business, we have a strong working relationship with each of them that we leverage to ensure that you, as the customer, are priority number one.

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Shop Houston Catering on CaterMeThis

Simple, fast, and stress-free. That's how we designed the entire ordering process on CaterMeThis.com. With a couple minutes and a few clicks, your order - no matter how big or small - can be placed quick and easy. Once you submit that order, you know you can kickback and relax, because both the restaurant and CaterMeThis gets notified. We do the hard work for you, confirming the order with the restaurant and addressing any questions or issues the caterer my have. When that meeting or event date arrives, you'll know the food will be there on-time, because we make sure of it.

One of the best features of using CaterMeThis (other than being convenient and free) is having all your catering order invoices stored in one place. No need to waste time digging through emails just to find old invoices for accounting. Simply log into your CaterMeThis.com account and go to your orders and reviews page. All previous order invoices can be found here, ready to print! No effort, no fuss.